iPhone Lightning and Android MicroUSB to HDMI TV Universal Cable Adapter

This iPhone and Android to TV universal HDMI cable (A5-01) is to mirror iPhone/iPad with the lightning connector and Android Smartphones/tablet PC's with the MicroUSB port to a TV or projector via HDMI port, no need wireless router, or Apple TV for AirPlay mirroring, no need WiFi Miracast, or MHL support for Android mirroring. You can use this Lightning and micro USB to HDMI cable adapter to TV to share videos and slide shows together with family and friends, or connect it to projector for meeting and presentation.

This Android and iPhone HDMI TV cable adapter comes with a MicroUSB connector, Micro USB-lighting adapter, a HDMI connector and a USB connector.

The Micro USB connector is for the connection to Android smartphones/tablet PCs, and the MicroUSB-lighting adaptor is for the connection to iPhone/iPad for screen out, the HDMI connector is to output the video and audio content to a HDTV or projector, while the USB connector is to connect to a USB charger or your TV USB port for power supply to the adapter cable, also for charging the iPhone at the same time.

This iPhone/iPad lightning to HDMI TV and Android Micro USB to TV HDMI adapter cable is compatible with the latest models of iPhone, iPad and iPad with lightning port, and Android smart phones and tablet PC with Android 4.4 and later.

- It is Easy to use. This Lightning and Micro USB to TV HDMI cable adapter can mirror your image/video from iPhone /iPad/Android phones/tablet PCs to TV or projector, no additional APP needed.
- It is Super. No WiFi AirPlay adapter or Apple TV needed, No Miracast or MHL needed.
- It is Capable. Great mirroring performance up to 1080P.
- It Supports. Supports all iOS, no need to jailbreak, no worry of iOS upgrade, and Android 4.4 or greater.
- It Lasts. Charging and mirroring work simultaneously.

For iOS, the AirPlay HDMI TV cable is compatible with:
- iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus/iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s plus
- iPhone SE
- iPhone 5s/iPhone 5/iPhone 5c
- iPad Pro
- iPad Air2
- iPad Air
- iPad 4
- iPad Mini 4
- iPad Mini 3
- iPad Mini 2
- iPad Mini 1
- iPod Touch 6
For Android, the phone to HDMI it supports smartphones and tablet PC's of Android 4.4 or greater

Package Includes:
- Android MicroUSB to HDMI and AirPlay TV cable adapter with USB port *1
- MicroUSB-Lightning adapter*2
- User's Guide *1

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